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Lefordítani sajnos nincs időm az interjút, és sajnos a videót sem engedi megnézni a mi országunkban, de a szöveges átiratát felteszem annak a videónak, amiben Jamie Jace szerepéről nyilatkozik. Angolul tudók előnyben, de ha nagyon érdekel titeket, Google Fordítóval is lehet próbálkozni...

Íme a szöveg:

"I nailed it," Jamie said with a chuckle. "I mean, I just got off a plane the day before, and this was a big deal for me, going for this audition. Going for a screen test in L.A. with a big studio, with people that I have heard about in stories and people that I admire."
And Jamie left nothing to chance. "I did a lot of preparation," he explained. "I sent an email out asking what the character would wear, how he would dress, and I really focused on it. And from the moment that I had my first audition in L.A., which was two months prior to going for the test, I was constantly looking at the lines and looking at the words and going back and asking who this guy was, and I came out of it sort of feeling like I've done the best that I can do. And if they accept that, that's perfect, and if they don't, then I've done what I can do."

Jamie obviously rocked the screen test (he even brought author Cassie to tears with his performance!), but the actor is well aware of the responsibility of starring in what could be a major YA film franchise.
"You know, they've definitely taken a bit of a—not a risk, but they put their trust in me, and to give me that role is very humbling, and I'm really excited to start shooting it."
So what is Jamie most eager to film? "I'm really looking forward to all of the stunt work, particularly," he said. "I did a little bit of that thing on this television show called 'Camelot.' So that's going to be fun. And, really, just getting to know who this guy is because he's very jovial, and he's a joker, but he also has this vulnerability about him and that's exciting for me to be able to—he's got so many layers and a lot of depth."

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